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Saturday, February 21, 2015

There is a saying that Old tricks always work because people tend to un-follow them as they become defunct.

Google has another easy way to save your private data

I hope you remember very well when we came to know that Google saves our google search history by default. People started changing the google search settings which you can always "change" according to google.

And after disabling the Search History Settings you still think that you are safe. Right ?
Well Google BY DEFAULT also syncs your BROWSER HISTORY , YOUR PASSWORD AUTOFILLS , EXTENSIONS , APPS , SETTINGS , THEMES and even YOUR LAST OPENED TABS directly from google chrome browser when your are logged in. And many people do not even know that. Your every piece of footprint gets saved when you login with your gmail account. Now I'm not against the method of syncing your data to cloud. I'm against the way Google does it without informing us.

If you are using chrome then check it whether you are a victim of this trick. I'm already victim and do not think that my passwords are my private property any more.
1. Click the Chrome menu button(Three horizontal lines) on the browser toolbar.
2. Select Settings and click "Google Dashboard" link under "sign in" tab to see what have been already synced.
3. Click advanced sync settings to change it .

Let me tell you where you are being tricked here. When you log in to your gmail account,Google automatically ensures your login to your chrome account and your syncing starts from there. But when you log out of your gmail account they do not log you out of the chrome browser and your account syncing continues. Now of course you can say that one can change his or her sync settings in order to stop it. But isn't it the responsibility of the service provider (here Google) to let us know how they are handling our private property ? Don't you think that today IT companies are taking it granted that we are happy with their service and while saving themselves only by showing a big list of cliche "Privacy policy" ?
Are we being tricked of our privacy ? Is the link of "Privacy policy" in the smallest font of the webpage down below is what we need to read every time before we press the "sync" button? Don't you think that IT companies should list all their services to show how they are exactly organising, maintaining and collecting our data ? It is an open debate.
It is ironical that I have to write it in my blog which is also a service provided by Google. Because today when I found that google,whose service I have always revered, is saving my private data, its every move to save my privacy seems fishy.
Leave a comment if this helped you.
Update: I think google chrome now do not log in automatically after you log out of the chrome once. But if you are logged in, remember to ensure that google is updating your data according to your preference.

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