Design ! Ahh.. a feeling of freshness comes in my mind as I think about design inspiration. Inspiration through design is a method of rediscovering your passion from inside. Designs can truly show what you want and how you can find your inner true self.

So how do you find this inner inspiration that can propel your idea and bring the best in you ?

I think I have the answer because I felt that there is something in a better design that soothe your eyes. Whenever I see a combination of colours or a better design it makes me feel that better designs exists and it is possible to make a better version of a product.

Hi. I'm designing and building a portfolio page as a part of a challenge in I thought to share the development of the same so that someone else can learn from it.

To start off, I decided to to use Bootstrap.css to build the webpage. This gave me an opportunity to learn and build a web page using Bootstrap .

I hope you already know about Bootstrap . What I know about Bootstrap is that, it is a just a code library that helps you to style a webpage very quickly. Using platform such as Bootstrap reduces the task of build a modern webpage and reduces the time and money required to build it.
Bootstrap libraries were originally built by Twitter engineers. They were using this platform internally , until they decided to make it open source so that people would get benefited.



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