A look back down the memory lane

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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The stormy wind that passes through me,
An evil harbinger seems to me.
Holding my breath, as it passes by
Until the morning sun shines on me.

When I look back down the memory lane ,
I found a legend fading inside me.
And when I look into the scars that had burned me,
I found that I learned to live without them inside me .

A tribute to the virtue in me,
That has finally shown the true light in me.

I forgive .. I forgive .. I forgive them and me !

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How many times a person can successfully stick to his/her own promises in their daily life ? It happens quite a few times, when in spite of realizing what is right and wrong or what needs to be done in a particular situation, we end up tangentially into the wrong path. We often define our own philosophy or social and moral codes on our own, but fail to stick to them.

Happy new year 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

For someone the last year was full of jubilant memories to rejoice upon and for some it might be one of the most disappointed chapter in life. But at this point of time when we start analyzing what we gained and what we lost, the matter ultimately boils down to LOVE .
Because when we look back to these ever lasting memories good or bad , there is only one answer to it .. LOVE.
Please post your comments what ever you want good or bad. At least then I would feel that I haven't lost everything in my life. :|
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It has been long long back that I had written my last post. I have always tried to post something new, but there was really no urge and respite from my daily life to express my feelings about my ups and downs in life.



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