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Monday, December 14, 2015

Following are the two banners I designed to show how would strive to work to achieve its goals.

Logo design

                                                                        Initial                                                                               Final

From whatever knowledge and wisdom I gained from starting up a project , I found community building is the most important part of any startups. It is the single starting point from which customers , demand inflows and idea generations and product development occurs. It answers the big "WHY" to your startup idea.

A small ball , gravity and air.

Let me imagine that a ball is stationed at a certain height from the ground. (I'm holding it with my hand)


MeteorJS is a great point to start learning to build web app , especially if one is new to building building web apps.

The greatest advantage of writing apps in MeteorJS is that it uses a single programming language, Javascript , to code both the server side and the client side of the web application.

I'm not going into the details of how a web app works or how meteorJS eases the process of building a web app. I'l only write my road map to learn meteorJS.

I found that there are plenty of free tutorials and videos to start with. But you will not be able to decide which one you should read and which one not.

1. Designs speak about your brand.

Brand defines your identity. With an amazing site design you can build up your own brand personality. Your brand reflects the quality and the type of product you are offering to the customers. Therefore, if your products are different from others you need to make sure your design reflects that difference, in order to make people understand your brand value.

The development of any startup starts from the root problems that we face in different stripes of fields in our daily life. Someone wants to fill the gap between the present business - to - business market or business - to - customers market, while someone wants to build a technology that can alleviate the existing problems or aid in software development. 

This blog theme (This blog was using the dynamic blogger template before ) is quite bland and do away with ads and other widget features. You can not really do anything with the looks of this theme. But I started experimenting with the looks of the theme trying to modify color, font, insert image background, buttons, forms by adding css and javascript. Some of them could be done while some features do not work.

Ideas are like breeze to me. They come and pass through my mind. :)

Everyone of us has innovative ideas to make our life easy and beautiful. But are we able to convert them into real products perceiving their importance ? Not every time though.

Don't let your innovation die. Write your ideas in a notebook, as you might forget your million dollar product idea. You can use evernote or a simple physical diary.

Digital publishing is a great tool to unleash your ideas through visual stories. I used Adobe slate to make mine. Read 'How shoppers can help other buyers buy refined stuffs. A definitive solution with infographs'.


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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is an academic field of study which studies the goal of creating intelligence.
AI is the power of cognitive thinking of a computer system. We call it an intelligent system because given the power to consciously think like a human, a computer can take logical decisions by learning from real life scenario just like us. If that is so, the difference would be that AI computer will do a complex task much faster than a human with very few errors.

Save your private data

Saturday, February 21, 2015

There is a saying that Old tricks always work because people tend to un-follow them as they become defunct.

Google has another easy way to save your private data

I hope you remember very well when we came to know that Google saves our google search history by default. People started changing the google search settings which you can always "change" according to google.



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