A small ball , gravity and air.

Let me imagine that a ball is stationed at a certain height from the ground. (I'm holding it with my hand)


MeteorJS is a great point to start learning to build web app , especially if one is new to building building web apps.

The greatest advantage of writing apps in MeteorJS is that it uses a single programming language, Javascript , to code both the server side and the client side of the web application.

I'm not going into the details of how a web app works or how meteorJS eases the process of building a web app. I'l only write my road map to learn meteorJS.

I found that there are plenty of free tutorials and videos to start with. But you will not be able to decide which one you should read and which one not.

1. Designs speak about your brand.

Brand defines your identity. With an amazing site design you can build up your own brand personality. Your brand reflects the quality and the type of product you are offering to the customers. Therefore, if your products are different from others you need to make sure your design reflects that difference, in order to make people understand your brand value.



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