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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hi friends and to all my online lovers. Let me start with a small quote

"The smartphone revolution is under-hyped, more people have access to phones than access to running water. We've never had anything like this before since the beginning of the planet."
- by Marc Andreessen

Hi everyone, I have been trying to understand the basic difference between a smartphone and a tablet. I found both of them to be more or less equal in all respect except the screen size. But I still don't understand the usability of tablet when there is apparently no hardware and software difference between these two devices. Therefore I framed ten (10) simple questions to understand it better. I request you all to take 2 mins to fill up the following questions and help me .

I will surely give out the collected data in my blog after I get ample answers.

Hi everybody , I was astounded by the overwhelming feedbacks of my last post about "Share PC internet with android phone through wifi without using any software.". I therefore want to help you farther by showing an alternative way to create Microsoft shell commands. This would be helpful for those who are not familiar with Microsoft's Command Prompt. I have shown the steps with small views to demonstrate the whole process. It is very simple and you can just double click on the shortcut to run any cmd command.

I just wanted to share some tips to "Share PC internet in android mobiles through wifi" or "reverse Tethering" without using any external software neither in your PC nor in your android phone. Yes you can do this on your own without spending money on purchasing a wifi router, :).

Normally Tethering means sharing your mobile data connection to some other devices like laptop or PC. But you must have thought of using your broadband internet connection in your wifi enabled device where no hard wired LAN connection is not possible.

We have every resources, dexterity and efficacy to find solution to everyday problem with the advancement of technologies. Varied intelligent and innovative technologies along with fully automated machines which can perform tasks or can even attain feats which humans are incapable of are commendable.

The figment of smugness

Saturday, May 19, 2012

It has been days since I have written my last post. Although I don't blame myself for not writing because I seldom feel of blurting out my feelings after getting hold to some poignant & touching events.

I have been using Mcafee for past few years , but after rigorous Google research found this one worth trying. What I found is that none other than Kaspersky is offering extra product features apart from a normal anti virus within this product range.Kaspersky's intelligence and their technology which they offer at reasonable price is something inimitable.Take for instance their Sand Box technology which can be used to run programs or files that are potentially detrimental to your computer or their Instant Messenger protection or two way firewall system which shields your system from external attack.



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