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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have been using Mcafee for past few years , but after rigorous Google research found this one worth trying. What I found is that none other than Kaspersky is offering extra product features apart from a normal anti virus within this product range.Kaspersky's intelligence and their technology which they offer at reasonable price is something inimitable.Take for instance their Sand Box technology which can be used to run programs or files that are potentially detrimental to your computer or their Instant Messenger protection or two way firewall system which shields your system from external attack.

Kaspersky has incorporated cloud protection system into it where all data about newly found viruses and their solutions are being stored online for ready made use.Hence always feel safe from newly infections online.A mouth-watering utility called anti-banner is a great surprise for me.It is a great relief from annoying banners appearing at the bottom of browser.

One more thing to add is that,please don't mistake "Kaspersky Internet Security 2012" to be only a protection to your internet as the antivirus also comes within the same package.
Judging by all these it would have been my folly if I choose any other AV within this range.

Coming to the activation error problem which buyers are facing and had ruined/delayed their chance to taste the soft for the first time, this may be the solution :-
Let me tell what I did.

Tried activating but it showed an error msg "Necessary Resource is Unavailable on The Activation Server". Done everything as suggested by the Kaspersky site adviser.

Later i downloaded the same latest product from their site and tried activating it - this time it worked. Finally I realized the installer in not upgraded.

You can search the product by typing it in the search bar below.
Than you .. :)

- Soham

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