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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Now a days people have started using 'cool' devices and gadgets which as they say represents their cool mind , personality and their debonair nature. I don't think you  need a separate definition of 'cool' devices because it is we who use them. Short, slim, light-weight, 'one buttoned' , 'no  buttoned ' devices which surpasses their ancestors in quality and efficiency , optimized to use for different purposes is what this generation embraces.

This might be the reason why blogger.com added their new 'Dynamic' template option to give their users a new taste. Typical users who wouldn't like their blog to be crammed with widgets and adds can now have a better option.

I am currently using the same  template. Three kind of dynamic views are there :  photo-oriented template(flipcard, mosaic, snapshot), text-oriented templates (classic, sidebar) and magazine-like templates (magazine, timeslide). It depends upon you and your type of blog to tell that which view is suitable. But I would press the 'like' button for all the photo oriented views especially the 'Snapshot' tab .  It will show all your posts with a big button holding the blog picture on it chronologically.A blog lover who has been pissed off reading the fluffy contents of blogs , to them it is as soothing as a 'Zhandu balm'(Indian balm for headache) to their eyes.

But I will not consider it to be as good as to start with. It trims off everything accept your identity(the person who is writing the blog).You can't add some essential widgets like the 'live feed' and some networked sites widgets etc.Gadgets saves a lot of your time and links you to the world wide network. Adding gadgets is something google might consider to update this templet with some more customizing features in it.

Although it woos you to apply it for your next design templet , I won't consider it to be as 'cool' as it should be.

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