Love hurts

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I cried !! I cried a lot for you !
You never turned up to wipe my tears,
I yelled in tears , in front of you,
Still you never darted to take my care.
I looked pale quivering , musing your name unconsciously ,
I wished you to hug me then and wrap me in your arms ,
But when I looked up with a swelling eyes you were not there !

You promised me to take care,
You promised me whatever may happen you will always be there;
But now your sham promises failed to hold my tears.

Enough !!
I have had enough of lies ,
false hopes and promises ,
Now its all over , I don't need your precious time.
I waited so long for you to return ,
But you never showed up to respect my love .
Now who are you to tell me "Please don't cry" ?
Damn your emotions ...!!

Please go away and don't show me your forgive-me-I'm-sorry vibe ,
Go away !! Its all over. Its all over.

That night the girl never took his phone call neither did she messaged him.
Although the boy failed to keep his promise, he loved her as much as she did.
Does a failure in keeping your promises means that you don't love your lover ? I hope not.
The boy was helpless. He loved her but his love was unacceptable to her because she was badly hurt.
Sometimes you have to trust your lover that he/she really loves you even if he/she fails in his/her attempt to love you.
Because nobody is perfect!
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