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Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's not the first time I am writing a blog. But this time I swore to myself not to delete this one like the ones I did before. This is the only difference and the reason to start a new one. You will find all of them filled up of shitty talks which neither needs heed nor worthy of comments.
I always felt you need to be a talkative guy to fill all the space with craps. I picked up this notion from reading all sorts of blogs and some of my friend's.Believe me or you ponder about any guy or girl whom you know , who can express their thought on any thing. Compare their blogs with others you will get the answer.It is not about people of the whole blogging community.But yes this is the general trend -> A good blogger simply means people who can express their feelings and thoughts and draft it with beautiful words.I really feel jealous because I am not like them.
I contemplated a lot about my introverted character having some connection with my sharing things that happens with me.Most of the time I feel short of words to assert on something as if somebody have disconnected the tube of flowing words running affluent from mind to lips. :P
But I found that its not my fault , He (GOD) might have forgot to utter the "talkative guy" spell on me. The only lust of writing and sharing in me might have been the result of worshiping Saraswati Thakur (our Goddess of knowledge and study).
And once your share by giving words to your feelings you would feel great doing that.I picked up that idea of sharing my feelings ....

Believe me the more I say about myself the more you feel of leaving this page...!
And so I put an end to this one. Will always write what I'm up to and share my thoughts .
Thank you for reading . :)
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  1. Hello Soham,

    thanks for sharing such useful trick with us through which i can share my Evdo device's internet connection with my android device.

    well, i am having a little problem which is my wifi connection to the PC is often disconnected while i am using the internet on the android phone.

    then i do have to turn off the Wifi on my cellphone and then have to disable the virtual wifi miniport named as funkywifi and then i do enable it again and have to give the start connection command in the cmd.

    Can you tell me some thing that why it is happening? any idea?

    Thanks once again.

    Sumair Ali

  2. Hello Sumir,
    Thank you for your reply..
    It may be because of your laptop broadband connection. Also check that your phn is always in the range(Wi-Fi).





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