6 Reasons to update your website UI design

Thursday, November 12, 2015

1. Designs speak about your brand.

Brand defines your identity. With an amazing site design you can build up your own brand personality. Your brand reflects the quality and the type of product you are offering to the customers. Therefore, if your products are different from others you need to make sure your design reflects that difference, in order to make people understand your brand value.
2. It tells how much you love design.

People like design. Design is another language to them. If you can tweak your design then you can intelligently communicate your ideas to your future customers . Good design is nothing but a simple way to express your ideas, in such a way that people do not have to spend much time to understand the point. If you love your customers then start creating lovely designs of your website.

3. Good designs are simply attractive. So, better designs will increase your conversion rate.

The time spent by the site visitors increases if they are attracted and find your design interesting and unique. Customer conversion rate may increase with a good design. Even updating your website from an old design to a new one can show the visitors that your are about to update your services to give them a better experience.

4. It indicates how much you keep yourself updated to the upcoming trends.

Trendy site designs are what a designer should be acquainted with. Flat design and material design is the new comer. Most of the sites are adopting this designs. As time changes people's choice over design changes. So with time the design has to change.

5. From your site design people form an image about the quality of service that you will offer.

Quality of service is the integral part of a startup, especially who are in the service sector. There can not be any other better way to express your startup service quality than to use a better site design to make them feel about your service. Just like one forms an impression in his or her mind when he sees someone for the first time. Similarly, your site visitors forms an image of the product or service quality that you have to offer.

6. It defines your ability to understand a user's problem : a good design makes it all easy.

Ease of use and the simplicity are the two building blocks of a good design. If your content is not ordered properly , people may not find any link between the texts, videos and images. The idea that you want to convey would not reach to the people. A good design gives you a solution to these problems and helps users to get what they exactly want. Once your make the process of work easy for them, it would reflect how much you think about your customers.

So update your web site design and grow your business. Or design your website with a specific style from the outset to give your customers an opportunity to think about your company differently.

Few design tools :

1. Huge collection of design tools in Producthunt.com

    Products related to design-   https://www.producthunt.com/collections#!/s/posts/design
    Collections of design tools - https://www.producthunt.com/collections#!/s/collections/design

2. If you are looking to style your website as per google's new material design specifications, then
    https://www.materialpalette.com/  and
  http://www.materialup.com/   might help you a lot.

3. If you are not into design , start with the tools below
    1. Product hunt collections - 

    2. For marketing flyers, ads , bill boards html e-mail design canva is the best free tool for non designers.

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