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Friday, June 19, 2015

The development of any startup starts from the root problems that we face in different stripes of fields in our daily life. Someone wants to fill the gap between the present business - to - business market or business - to - customers market, while someone wants to build a technology that can alleviate the existing problems or aid in software development. 

With every idea one adopts in order to realise it, one has to bring together every resources and personal expertise to start building the startup. The startup development therefore is initiated with an idea , the developers or managers of the startup and of-course the funders who helps to support the idea into development.

The start-up system is now getting much more distributed among different types of people who belongs to different fields such as construction, DYI workers , freelancers , designers or any kind of non tech developers. Because now people have realised that you need not have to be a developer to build an online startup business. One can even start off with an idea to build life changing startups . And we already have beautiful examples for that. 

Therefore, as a thumb rule, the product manager, the designer and the developer , the marketer and the funder are the ones who partake the job of building the startup.

If we want to visualise it as a GIVE and TAKE rule , a startup system can be visualised as follows:- 

Product Manager/Marketer :

GIVES- the idea of building the best product that people will love and markets it , 

TAKES - Equity or fund;

The developer :

GIVES- the product deliverable that would help to build the actual product as per specification , 

TAKES - Equity or fund;

The funder : 

GIVES - Money/Fund 

TAKES - Money/Fund

and finally the STARTUP BUSINESS :

TAKES - the inputs from the idea specifications that people will love from the product guy and the developer 

GIVES - Money/Fund

Now you can form a loop with all these elements. 

Basically I wrote this to show you that all these people are interdependent and the problem with the present non tech developers lies here.

The idea guy with few funds will not fit into this system or a developer with only the development skills will not fit in this system or a funder with only funds will not fit into this system. Therefore , the non tech developers (as they are filling up the startup space now) need to find a way to develop their idea MVP in an affordable price. But the problem lies in the high development price. A high development price is one of the main reason why today the funders exists. But yes the funders are sometimes helpful as a advisor. Because they generally gain experiences by building or rather I should say helping startups with their money.

So, what can be a possible way by which every intelligent and innovative ideas can be realised in an affordable way? Affordable doesn't really mean to shed off 7K within 10-12 weeks to get a buggy code. Affordable here means that both the developer and the product/marketing guy can sustain with their mutual needs without the need of having an investor.

Quite obviously we need a new STARTUP service that can solve the problem of existing STARTUP system itself. 

So, I thought why not make a platform, that is affordable to JUST DEVELOP EACH AND EVERY FEASIBLE IDEAS OUT THERE WITHOUT THE EXCESS BLOAT AND which fits into this startup system.

Intermediate developers, who are in the learning phase can be engaged to build an MVP of the product idea that a non-tech person have, in order to build their portfolios and earn some money out of it. While the non tech person can help to validate his idea, invest time and money to visualise it and prove that the idea will work in the market. Finally we will be able to build the bare bones of the start-up, which one needs to get more funding for scaling it up and for few initial customers. The codes will be reviewed by some experienced developers , for which I think there is no dearth in this present market. We can also explore the concept of here where the more effort you put the more equity or fund you earn.

This kind of service is already getting adopted in the startup premise and there are few examples too. But I wouldn't mention them here. However each of these existing startup building systems has its own shortcomings. Such as the product officially will not be yours, you need a spend minimum 7k to 10k dollars in order to build your version one product, there will be no privacy, etc. This was just to start with, I'm exploring more ways to build this kind of platform where it eases the problem of building a startup MVP for a non tech founder in an affordable price.

Thanks :)

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