Don't let your ideas die

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ideas are like breeze to me. They come and pass through my mind. :)

Everyone of us has innovative ideas to make our life easy and beautiful. But are we able to convert them into real products perceiving their importance ? Not every time though.

Don't let your innovation die. Write your ideas in a notebook, as you might forget your million dollar product idea. You can use evernote or a simple physical diary.

Idea validation
The best way to realize the potential of your idea is to share and discuss it with other people. This step is know as idea validation. The product or service idea which is your brain child may look awesome to you, but sometimes it may not have any market value. Therefore before investing time and money to build your idea register in some online forum or a maker's or developer's community and discuss with people about the idea. Although it is not necessary to discuss all the features of your product, you can share any one of them that can attract people's interest.If your idea is great, people shall automatically take interest to work with you. I did this too after joining reddit and in quora.
I would suggest not to take any decision in haste to build it. Take your time to think about the idea more (for at least 7 days). You will find that in this 7 days with each version of your idea, it has become more refined than the previous versions.

Apart from using reddit and quora there are plenty of other services available online such as to validate your ideas. While many services and blogs will encourage you to build a landing page to validate a startup idea, I will suggest you not to start building a landing page before actually drafting the whole business plan. Using private network via twitter and facebook , online forums such as quora and reddit and services like Mechanical turks you can save a lot of money by building the right product that is market fit. Discussing with people is a much better way to gauge the demand and usability of a product than building a landing page before actually investing time and money on any project idea.

One better way to validate your idea yourself, is not to think about it once you make an idea draft. Open the drafted idea again after 2 or 3 days. You will realised the true potential of the idea when you read it again.

If you find enough potential to realize the idea go for it. In case you find the potential of your idea is low, don't be sad. Because You just saved a lot of money that would have required to build it.
People are very skeptic that others will steal their ideas if they share it. Even I thought in the same way. But fortunately the world doesn't behave the way we think. I found that there is nothing special about my idea unless I execute it in a proper way. Because there are a lot of things involved between an idea and a complete product such as validation, market fitness, target customers, revenue potential, cost to build, after sales support etc. My idea is worth $0 until my product perfectly fits into the market and satisfies the customers fully. Therefore no one will steal your idea.

I too have few product and business ideas which I would want to build. I did my validation in the same way. If you want, feel free to discuss with me a smaller version of your idea to see if it has market potential. I may help you to validate. Or if you are an investor or a maker or developer looking for ideas to develop and market, I'm lucky to have you here. Feel free to contact me. I would want you to build mine.

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