What you need to be a good manager in life

Monday, January 13, 2014

How many times a person can successfully stick to his/her own promises in their daily life ? It happens quite a few times, when in spite of realizing what is right and wrong or what needs to be done in a particular situation, we end up tangentially into the wrong path. We often define our own philosophy or social and moral codes on our own, but fail to stick to them.

Social code:
Humans are pretty much moral in deciding what is good or bad or what has to be done or said in our day to day situations that we face in life.
Do we need someone to tell us that we should read more to get good marks or that to be a good entrepreneur you have to start ground up or that you should not play with your girlfriend's emotions or that you need medication if you are ill or even what it takes to be a good person?
Our life has always been our own concern. We are able to think about our past, contemplate on anecdotes and analyze what went wrong in past. Therefore we can control our self by sticking and forming these social codes on moral grounds. These codes are nothing but our own conscience.

But are we always the best manager of our own life ? Are we able to say 'the right words' in exactly 'the right time' at 'the right place' to 'the right person' ?
Things may convolute itself if we know the right answer to all these questions and still fail to do so. It boils down to the fact that how much one is sincere to himself or herself.
Have you ever pondered what if we are so sincere to stick to our own commitments? Life would have been much different even if we were close enough to our own promises or social codes. But we all are exceptions to this rule and we all get distracted by other things. Therefore no one can be infallible in their own deeds.
Give it a thought and you will find that you have all the answers to the life's puzzle. You only need to focus and control yourself. That's it!
But wait..I have also seen people who are so sincere to their own views, thoughts and opinions that they end up liking themselves so much so that they stop giving values to others. People like them think themselves to be always right. Therefore never put yourself on the highest pedestal. What you think is your social code which is now right to youself, may actually turn out to be wrong later!

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