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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Design ! Ahh.. a feeling of freshness comes in my mind as I think about design inspiration. Inspiration through design is a method of rediscovering your passion from inside. Designs can truly show what you want and how you can find your inner true self.

So how do you find this inner inspiration that can propel your idea and bring the best in you ?

I think I have the answer because I felt that there is something in a better design that soothe your eyes. Whenever I see a combination of colours or a better design it makes me feel that better designs exists and it is possible to make a better version of a product.

Humour :
I know how to make a better version of a product or to generate better ideas through design, but I do not know how to make a person or relationship better through designs ! :P

Designs are everywhere.  We find them both in offline and online products. I will discuss about them one at a time. In this post however, I'm going to discuss about designs of online products.

The following points are not only meant to be read , but should also be practiced regularly. After sometime you will find that you have automatically generated an interest in design.

So how does design affect us ? Let's point them out . 

1. The best combinations of colours and patterns inspires us.

Website designs deals with colours , backgrounds, fonts, the logo , the images and videos that you are using and their placement in your website. If you are not doing them right, then your website design will not reflect the true brand image that you are looking for. Or worst it can kill your brand equity.

Mailchimp , Stripe , slack , growthhacker , pandanews are among the few whose websites have a good brand image.

If you notice, each of these sites uses its own colours, backgrounds, fonts, logo/images/videos/content and places them right. Let me delve more into these factors that can make your website design better.

a. Better designs means better colour combination

What did you feel when you first saw these colours ?

It is their combination that makes them look truly amazing. Right ? :)

Contrasts show what is the best in this pallet that other colour combinations doesn't have.
Note that this is also true about us, the humans. For example, if you perform well in your class you are contrasting yourself among all the student in your class. So in short your achievements are what that surfaces the best in you !
This is what a true colour combination teaches us.

Finding the right combination of ideas will truly bring about a change to achieve your goals.

b. Fonts are what that gives your product , a character

If you are a content writer or a journalists , a blogger or a writer you know how much important it is to present your work to others. See the picture above and imagine how it would look if the fonts aren't there ?
You got the answer I guess . :)

Yeah , frankly it really sucks to think about that image without the fonts.

So, it not only about colours but also about fonts that make a better design.

A list of fonts that you can use

Another set to soothe your eyes

b. Patterns or background

So what are these patterns ? Patterns are design templates that you can put as a background image. 
For example if you see the growthhacker's website , you will find that they are using the following pattern. Now imagine the page without the background pattern ! 

So from where you can find inspirations for patterns ?

c. Arrangements of site content

This point is so obvious that I don't think I need to explain it. But content arrangements are one of the most important aspect of website design. Good designs shows how you can arrange your site content in an optimised manner. 

For inspirations about better designs you can spend some time in websites such as medium , , producthunt , slack or you can also visit #inspirizone .

Once you see their designs you will find some inspiration and ideas to make your own website a better one.

2. Neatness deletes the dirt in our mind

How many times you have been asked that your handwriting should be neat and clean , when you have just started writing ? Neatness is the good old way to present your work.
Let me show you an example. 

You can see the difference. Therefore even if your content is not so appealing , your design can fill the gap.

3. Optimum usage of design gives you the desired result.

Good design means that you give to users what they like.
This is true if you are targeting the wrong user with good designs. For example if you use some kind of fancy design while targeting readers or publishers or students, then that might not give you the optimum result.

4. Designs make better products.

How many times you have heard that a company's co-founder is a designer ? 
Designers can become a potential founders. There are successful companies whose co-founders are designers. So, if you are a designers don't loose your hope. :)

Start your design inspiration journey from now. Visit the websites that I gave you. Start bookmarking the websites that you like. Visit the bookmarked websites often. and try making stuffs using the design concepts. You will find that you have become a designer already. 

5. Designs give you hope for a better future.

Have you ever tried to imagine changing your house's wall colours ? If you have, then you must know how beautiful it would look if you paint them in the colours of your choice. Similarly you can fix a clumsy looking website to a beautiful one.

It is amazing to see that you can make things look beautiful, even if it's ugly now. Doesn't it gives us a feeling of hope that every product or service can be made better ?
Just as every human being has hopes for a better future , everything in this world deserves something better.



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