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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Now a day it is not any more an addled task to find resourceful data to learn any of your subject of interest. With the umpteen data available in the form of videos and softcopies in the web of many topics of interests you can start off today itself learning what you wanted to learn even without spending a penny.

I recently had a wish to learn topics that is not related to my main subject.Which is basically data mining and natural language processing that are closely associated with artificial Intelligence. I always had interests in computer science since I started learning that in school. And still now my interest in that subject insists me to learn and get in touch of the newer technologies of computer science.

This was a tangential remark about my interest in computer science.But today I would like to reserve my thoughts to open data source that are easily available in web. Many a person does not even know about such online data repositories that are freely available online. Later I will mention some websites from where you can get such materials.

The amount of data and material will differ from topic to topic. Like more materials are available for the computer science subjects than mechanical engineering. Although the availability of learning material is scarce for many of the important subjects, but the open source communities who believe in egality want to share knowledge with others. And so you if you are interested in any topic and haven't got any opportunity to pursue that subject, you can easily practice and delve deep into that topic with the help of these online tutorials. Although these online sources will not give you a certificate of the programme, still they will be a good refresher to some topics for which good books are rarely found.

I found these tutorials pretty handy because they seem to be composed by famous educationalists who keeps track of the on-going changes in today's technology and consults a variety of books.

But the materials available are still not sufficient to cover each topic of any subject. So if you really want to delve deep into the subject you can buy a reference book for that. These will only serve as a guide and usher the path to follow. Please remember that this kind of learning technique does not involve direct interaction with the tutor and therefore completely different from the conventional pedagogy.

Please do not blame me if you do not find your topic of interest in the given sites. As I have already told earlier that the open source data community is growing day by day and you can expect a lot more data available in future. Therefore if you do not find your topic now you may find it latter. Also search the internet for any other such websites as there may be some other new site coming out with more new learning materials.

Well these are the sites from where you can search and find your topic of interest. :- <--a br="" great="" repository="" video=""> <--gives br="" certificate="" oe=""> <-- br="" computer="" enthusiasts.="" for="" science="">

You will find a good number of lecture videos of the professors of renowned universities. Therefore you may google it with queries like "universities with free courses online" or "free online tutorials",etc. to know more about the sites offering free courses.

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